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Make The World A Better Place To Live In

Let's Make The World A Better Place And Let's Make Sure We Know Who Are The People Next To Us
By Using Starate App Network You Will Get To Know The People Next To You From The Eyes Of The World
Join Us And Share Your Thoughts About Your Community And The People In It As We All Need To Know!

Here Is Starate Story And Why It Was Established

Starate Was Established In 2018 For One Goal Only - To Make The World A Better Place To Live In By Sharing People Thoughts on Others In Order To Reveal The Good And The Less Good People To The World. We As Community Demand To Know Who Are The People Next To Us, Who Are The People That Live With Us, Who Really Are Our Friends, Who Is The Guy That Date our Doughter And More And More...

Starate Team Decided To Take This Hidden Issue And To make It Public! Our World Today Is a Open World Those Days And All The Data Is Public, Starate Decided To Make The World More Public By Sharing The Reviews And People Behaivors And Acts! If Someone Got Scammed By Another So Why More People Need To Get Scammed As Well? From Now We Say No More! People Will Share Their Thougths And Make Sure The World WIll Know Who To Deal With And From Who To Stay Away

Starate Team Also Wants To Reaveal The Good Hearts People That We Have In This World, By Sharing the Good People Acts And Behaivors Others Will Know And Appriciate The Good People And Will not Need To Suspect Them For Any Issue As The Majority As Spoken And We Can Be Sure That The People Next To Us Are Good

Starate Team Develop A Social Network That Help Solve Te Issue Raised - By Using Starate You Will Get High Level Of Technology That From One Side Protect You As Reviewer And Give Your The Tools To Share About What Happen To You With Others And Also As Known That Starate Exist People Will Be Better As They Will Consider And Know That Starate Is Here And Peope Need To Be Aware That Good And Bad Acts Will Be Public From Now In One Platform Called STARATE